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"What If We Told You That Slowing Down The Aging Process And Feeling Like A 20-Something In Your Late Fifties Was Actually Possible?"

This Is The Nobel Prize-Winning Telomere & Telomerase Technology
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"Could Epitalon Be The Biggest Scientific Breakthrough Ever Made In Cellular Health?"

According to the scientific research data:

The Basic Science Behind Epitalon,
The Miracle Anti-Aging Peptide

Scientific research has already demonstrated that Epitalon is a powerful anti-aging substance. In fact, Epitalon is the one and only product that has ever met the burden of proof in lab studies on actual live cells.

Scientists already know that it works, and they also understand why it works.

The Nobel Prize That Was Awarded For The
Discovery Of Telomeres Is Now A FACT OF HISTORY.

"Telomerase Activation is the single most promising
approach to reversing the effects of aging,"

-- Michael Fossel, M.D., Ph.D., clinical professor of medicine at Michigan State University (East Lansing, MI, USA), and specialist on aging and age-related clinical diseases.

*For a more in-depth and scientific explanation on
The Roles Of Telomeres And Telomerase click here.

What Is Epitalon?

Epitalon has undergone quite a bit of testing by Russian scientists

Epitalon Has Already Been Proven To Be Safe

It was actually studied for over a decade in St. Petersburg, at the famous Institute of Gerontology. This demonstrates that it has already been proven to be safe and the scientists studying the effects of Epitalon, are also taking it themselves.

Scientists have actually demonstrated that this product can extend life by as much as seven years. They were using this product over a period of 12 years, and were already aging when they started taking it. If they had started younger, the results might have been even better.

It seems logical to conclude that this product should be taken on a regular basis, to get the best possible results for anybody who wants to preserve their youth.

Epitalon Is The Only Telomerase Activator That Has Been Proven To Have Long Term Anti-Aging Benefits.

What Are The Uses Of Epitalon Peptide?

TelomeraseA double-stranded DNA that resides within the nucleus of each cell determines the unique make-up of each organism on earth. Every time a cell divides, chromosomes are shortened.

Telomeres which are found at the tips of these DNA strands prevent the loss of genetic information due to this chromosome shortening, but unfortunately telomeres are also shortened during each cell division.

The more often a cell divides, the shorter the telomeres become until the cell becomes senescent.

Numerous studies indicate that there are many age-related diseases including cardiovascular disease, infectious diseases, etc., which are closely linked to this progressive telomere shortening.

Links have also been established showing that telomere shortening is predictive of early mortality in elderly subjects. Telomeres can be thought of as a biological clock signaling the onset of aging and ultimately death as they progressively shorten through continual cell division.

The enzyme telomerase, however reverses telomere degradation by enabling production and growth in telomeres. Telomerase also stimulates DNA repair, but unfortunately telomerase production declines over time.

If telomerase production could be stimulated within the body, cells would not have a “time limit” and would continue to replicate and renew and would slow down one of the effects of aging.

And here's where this tetrapeptide, called Epitalon (discovered by Russian researchers), comes into play.  It can reactivate cell telomerase production repairing telomeres and rejuvenating the entire body and slowing the aging process.

There Are 2 Scientists Responsible
For This Major Scientific Advance.

Dr. Ward Dean

Dr. Ward Dean

Dr. Ward Dean and Professor Vladimir Dilman co-authored a paper titled “The Neuroendocrine Theory of Aging and Degenerative Disease” where Professor Dilman noted that the biopeptide epithalamine increased the lifespan of rats by 25%.

Professor Vladimir Khavinson

Professor Vladimir Khavinson

Numerous later studies conducted by Professor Vladimir Khavinson, President of the St. Petersburg Institute of Bio-Regulation and Gerontology of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow confirmed the early findings of Professor Dilman and Dr. Dean.

Professor Khavinson’s research was conducted on elderly and senile individuals and indicated that biopeptides reduced mortality by almost 50% (fifty percent!!) and improved physiological function as a whole. This was over fifteen years of clinical observation.

These later studies indicated that the biopeptides were formed when several amino acids would connect by peptide bonding. These peptides are natural bio-regulators which stimulate both cell division and brain activity as well as help perpetuate cell division. They even help stimulate tumor reduction.

Professor Khavinson demonstrated that the interactions of the biopeptides and the DNA controlled the genetic functions of the cells epigenetically and could potentially successfully extend life expectancy. His research also indicated these biopeptides could impact life at even the earliest stages of development and origin and thus may have extensively far-reaching implications for aging reversal and inhibition.

The most widely studied of the biopeptides is epithalamine which is secreted by the pineal gland which also produces melatonin. There is a synthesized version of epithalamine called Epitalon (Epithalon) which is the same biopeptide synthesized from 4 gero-protective amino acids, also known as tetrapeptide.

Epitalon May Reset
Body’s Genetic Clock

Clinical trials and research studies conducted by scientists over the last 35 years on both, humans and animals, indicate that Epitalon, a substance biologically identical to that produced by the human body, can reset biological clock of the cells to zero.

This enables the cells to regain their structural integrity and ability to replicate. Once the cells are healthy again, the body can repair its tissues, its immune system, and its internal organs.

Promising Epitalon Research Study Results

Effect on biomarkers of aging, longevity
and incidence of spontaneous tumors in mice:

  • From 3 months to death, 108 mice were provided tetrapeptide Epitalon every day, for 5 consecutive days, every month
  • 108 mice were equally divided into 2 groups

o One group received Epitalon
o One group received a placebo

  • The Epitalon showed lower frequency of chromosome abnormalities in bone marrow cells, and to increase life span by 13.3% and maximum life span by 12.3%
  • Compared to the control group, treatment with Epitalon prevented the development of leukemia
  • This study suggested that Epitalon has potential for treatment as an anti-aging treatment and is safe for long-term use

Another Epitalon clinical trial study showed Epitalon’s
promise to improve immune response in the elderly.

  • A seven year study was conducted on a group of seniors who were elderly members of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
  • These subjects were injected with Epitalon for ten days every six months
  • A control group of the same number of subjects of the same age did not receive the injections of Epitalon
  • The group of subjects receiving Epitalon showed significantly increased longevity and a reduced mortality of between 30 to 50 percent

Improved Immune Response During Aging

As people age, their immune system begins to degrade and their ability to fight off disease begins to decline. This is linked to the decline in production of interferon gamma by lymphocytes as individuals get older. One recent study indicated that Epitalon activates lymphocyte production in the thymus, even in older individuals.

The interferon gamma production in T cells also explains the improved immune response provided by this peptide.

Helps Stop Mammary Tumors

During studies on mice, Epitalon showed a strong ability to inhibit the spontaneous development of mammary tumors. This suggests that Epitalon may be able to regulate the production of certain genes that cause mammary adenocarcinoma. This indicates an anti-tumor capability for Epitalon.

The Effects of Pure Epitalon
On The Lifespan Increase

  • Regulated the production of melatonin and cortisol in aging monkeys normalizing their circadian rhythms and cortisol secretion
  • Preserved the morphological structure of the retina in retina pigmentosa which is a congenital degeneration of the retina
  • Inhibited production of colon tumors and increased apoptosis of cancerous colon cells in rats

Where To Buy Epitalon?

Epitalon is clearly a major break-through in aging treatment and health research.

It can be used to slow aging, improve immune response, and potentially stop some types of tumor appearance and/or slow their growth.

You can buy Epitalon by clicking here.

Here's What You're Getting When You Purchase Pure Epitalon Today:

  • Pure Epitalon (A,G,A,G)

    X (depends on which package you choose) amount of units (bottles) of 100% safe and non-toxic food-grade Epitalon (Epithalon) A,G,A,G (Ala-Glu-Asp-Gly), 50mg ea. (100mg total), freeze dried (powdered) protein peptide (>98% purity).

    May contain mannatol as a freeze drying agent and preservative. Manufactured under strict SFDA and (GMP) guidelines. Ships with care from Hong Kong (additional $25 international flat rate fee) via Express shipping (3-7 days). Tracking number will be sent to your email at the time of shipping.

  • Pure Epitalon is of the finest quality available in the world

    For your independent and private research, our product is produced with highest integrity standards and is of the finest quality available in the world. Includes complete instructions for use and mixing. Each reconstituted drop contains ~.25mg of the highly coveted amino acid chain Ala-Glu-Asp-Gly.

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    This newly discovered rare and desirable protein peptide is costly and time consuming to produce. It is manufactured in small quantities and difficult to keep in stock. Current maximum availability is limited to one hundred (100) units (bottles) per month per country.

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For Scientific Research Only

Even though there has been an extensive amount of research and study conducted in relation to Epithalon, it needs to be noted that all of the research that has been conducted and the subsequent results from such research has been solely built around the scientific study based on animal test subjects.

Any findings or observations that relate to Epithalon’s overall functionality should only be contained to the strict confines of a controlled environment such as a medical research facility or a laboratory.